A Bigger Picture

Project Type: Competition
Group: Goi Yong Chern
Competition Host: NEA / PUB Singapore
Award: Winner

Singapore’s National Environment Agency put out a competition for their new Integrated Waste Management Facility , calling for ideas on how the envelope of the facility should look.

The large size of the facility dwarfs most other industrial buildings in its area, cementing the facility as a massive landmark and element of the industrial skyline. We proposed a colossal, continuous landscape mural – not in paint, but in ETFE membrane and living green wall - to paint the skyline with a dash of green and natural aesthetic in a backdrop of grey industrial buildings.

In doing so we also seize the opportunity to push ETFE into the mainstream for Singapore. Its use will necessitate SGBC certification; subsequently, as a lightweight, self-cleaning, environmentally friendly alternative, we hope to see its wider application – starting from the Tuas Nexus- spread across Singapore in all types and forms of architecture.

Leveraging the immense scale of the IWMF buildings, the natural aesthetic and functional facade imbues the architecture with meaning: a dream to safeguard, nurture, and cherish our natural environment.

Details on this project may be found here: IWMF-Competition-A Bigger Picture

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