Spontaneous Urban Landscapes

Architectures of Spontaneity

Project Type: Coursework
Group: Soh Ming Lun
Tutor: Dr. Junko Tamura

Group: Soh Ming Lun Tutor: Dr Junko Tamura

This project is currently under documentation and testing.

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Development and redevelopment of land continually takes place in our urban environment, and yet little attention is given to the intermediary stage - where an open space lays dormant while awaiting for new developments. These ‘leftover’ spaces are neglected, with the implication of under-utilising precious land.

These ‘leftover’ spaces are not devoid of life however, as spontaneous phenomena arises - seeds dropped from birds germinate and grow unchecked; pigeons come in to nest. Nature eventually reclaims these ‘leftover’ spaces, coming into conflict with human activity.

#abstract_machines #deleuze

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